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Cotton Advent Calendar

Cotton Advent Calendar

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Our Scandi take on a beloved tradition.

The carefully crafted calendars blend nostalgia with modern simplicity. We embrace style, sustainability and practicality so, of course, our calendars are made with 100% sustainably sourced cotton and are easily machine washable.

Made from top-quality fabric and meticulous stitching designed to last years for creating wonderful memories for generations to come. These special calendars add a beautiful touch to any home and can be dressed up with tinsel or can be kept bare for a neutral minimalist look.

Fabric: 100% sustainably sourced cotton


24 inch wide

33 inch tall

Pockets are 4 x 4 inch

The calendar comes with the dowel and rope for hanging. There is also a dowel in the bottom to keep the calendar flat against the wall. It fits perfectly over a standard size door (a typical wreath hanger works great). It also looks great on a wall and can easily replace wall art for the holiday season. 

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